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Punchdrunk is offering an internship opportunity for an aspiring Audio Technician that would work closely with the sound team, wider production team, heads of department and sound designers to deliver Punchdrunk’s next project.

Deadline for applications: 9am on Monday 4th October. Please email your CV and a brief statement (maximum 1 A4 side) describing your suitability for the position and specifically how your past experience matches the person specification to [email protected]. Full details.



Punchdrunk is offering a number of work placement opportunities within the design department for their new project, The Burnt City. The nature of the design work will be large-scale and extremely varied. The placements will be an excellent opportunity to experience a range of different jobs within the dressing and makers teams, offering practical, hands-on experience that will enhance your current training.

Deadline for applications: please get in touch with [email protected] by Friday 8th October. Full details.



Punchdrunk are seeking individuals to join their Site Crew team to assist in the construction and installation of their next project. The team will be a vital part of the installation carrying out a variety of tasks and working with a multiple range of departments.

Deadline for applications: accepting applications on an ongoing basis, until December 2021. Full details.



Punchdrunk is seeking keen and proficient lighting technicians and GrandMA programmers to become an integral part of the lighting department, working closely with the Heads of Department and Lighting Designers to help deliver the lighting for Punchdrunk’s next large scale project.

Deadline for applications: applications accepted and interviews conducted on a rolling basis throughout September. Full details.



Punchdrunk is seeking a team of talented junior and core Painters and Decorators to assist on the delivery of their new multi-purpose home. The ideal candidates will have experience of a similar role in a large-scale project.

They will have an excellent knowledge of preparing surfaces, painting techniques, decorative and faux finishes, wallpaper hanging and use of stains and lacquers.

Deadline for applications: Accepting application on an ongoing basis, until December 2021. Full details.



Punchdrunk is seeking to assemble an experienced 1st fix carpentry team for Punchdrunk’s latest production. This team will be installing the base layer for the whole show, over two warehouses in Woolwich Arsenal.

Deadline for applications: Applications are being accepted and interviews conducted on a rolling
basis through September. Full details.


Generally, auditions for performers are held by invitation only for each production as occasion arises. Dancers in particular are usually expected to have at least three years professional experience in order to qualify for audition.

Calls for dancers and actors are made here on the website as well as through industry channels such as Equity Job Information Service and Arts Council England’s Arts Jobs mailing service. While we cannot guarantee to attend performances of work, performers are welcome to keep us informed of appearances by email or post.



Punchdrunk works with both experienced and emerging design artists who are excited by the variety and specialisms of design installation and scenography. The work incorporates design skills across the spectrum of construction, props, scenic painting, set dressing and costume. Recruitment for designers is advertised here on the website as well as through the usual industry channels.

Stage Management, Lighting and Sound Technicians

Punchdrunk’s work offers challenging, creatively satisfying opportunities for crew members with expertise and enthusiasm for stage management, lighting, sound and special effects. Productions generally entail a demanding level of site logistics and rigging.

Prospective crew members are usually invited for interview as occasion arises. Recruitment for production and performance staff is advertised here on the website as well as through the usual industry channels.


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