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Felix Barrett, Artistic Director

Widely recognised as the explosive spark which ignited the immersive entertainment industry, Punchdrunk creates work that disrupts the theatrical norm and places audiences at the very heart of the action.

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Creative alchemy

Since 2000, Artistic Director Felix Barrett has pioneered a form of theatre in which roaming audiences experience epic storytelling inside sensory theatrical worlds.

From a multi-project partnership with mobile gaming giant Niantic (Pokémon GO) to The Third Day, a six part drama and award-winning theatrical broadcast starring Jude Law, the company and its partners are developing the next evolution in live experience.

‘Amazon taught us we don’t need to go to the shops, the pandemic has taught us we don’t need to go to the office, Punchdrunk taught us we don’t need to sit still in a theatre, and now they are proving that you can be in the play without going to the theatre at all.’
– Alex Mahon, CEO of Channel 4

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A global legacy

Punchdrunk has found phenomenal success across the globe, with record-breaking productions established in the US, UK and China.

After the success of Sleep No More in Shanghai, currently the longest-running international show in the city’s history, more international projects are coming.

‘All the world’s a stage, but modern China is at the centre. And Punchdrunk is its biggest player’
– The Evening Standard


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