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Rediscover childlike excitement and experience a real sense of adventure.

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Theatre as a world: Sleep No More

In New York and Shanghai, Sleep No More invites audiences to travel back to a 1930s hotel, with residents that inhabit a film noir world inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

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Breaking through the screen: The Third Day

Three stand-alone but interconnected stories, told on screen and in an innovative theatrical broadcast.
A groundbreaking series from Sky Studios in collaboration with HBO, Plan B, writer Dennis Kelly and Punchdrunk.
Watch on Sky from 15th September 2020.

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Fusing gaming and theatre: in partnership with Niantic

Niantic are the leading augmented reality experts who created gaming experiences such as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Pokémon GO and Ingress. Niantic’s platform will liberate our work, taking audiences beyond the confines of theatrical spaces and out into the everyday world, blurring the genres of theatre and real-world gaming.

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4D brand experience: Believe Your Eyes

Punchdrunk loves to collaborate. Believe Your Eyes was created in close partnership with Samsung. This virtual reality experience blurs the physical and digital worlds, taking us on a surreal journey deep into the world of an unsettling ghost story. Believe Your Eyes was awarded a Silver Lion in the entertainment category at Cannes in 2017. Originally designed as a one-off, this unique installation went on to tour multiple venues in New York, Miami, Montreal and Venice.

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