A shapeshifting six-hour mystery tour

The Guardian

It had this power to overlay the real world with a sense of something magical, vastly significant, thrumming just out of reach.

Exeunt Magazine

But I do not treat you as an omen of my journey.

A lost play, re-imagined. Inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the women of Lemnos. Kabeiroi was a two-person adventure that took place across London over six hours. 

Part city tour, part game, the streets become the playground.


Felix Barrett

Associate Director

Kath Duggan

Creative Director

Stephen Dobbie

Stage & Costume Designer

Jessica Banting

Sound Designer

Salvador Garza

Creative Associates

Stephanie Allen, Sophia Broido, Hector Harkness, Clem Garritty

Academic Consultant

Emma Cole

Design Assistants

Esme Duncan, George Ellison, Jen Gardner, Josephine Kvarnhjelm, Amy Pitt, Becky-Dee Trevenen