It Felt Like A Kiss


I’ve never seen a more ambitious, elaborate example of site-specific work.

The Times

A powerful journey

The Independent

Deep within an empty city centre office block, archive film, installation design and music combine with the disorienting whirl of a fairground ghost train.

It Felt Like a Kiss told the story of America’s rise to power in the golden age of pop and the nightmare that came back to haunt us all.

The production won Punchdrunk the Manchester Evening News Theatre Award for Best Special Entertainment.

It Felt Like a Kiss was a collaboration between Adam Curtis and Punchdrunk, with music written by Damon Albarn.

Commissioned by Manchester International Festival and the BBC. 

Produced by Manchester International Festival and Punchdrunk.


Felix Barrett


Livi Vaughan & Beatrice Minns

Lighting Designer

Euan Maybank

Sound Design & Composition

Stephen Dobbie


Colin Nightingale