Deadline: 22 April 2024

Punchdrunk is seeking a team of Technicians, who will support the successful operation and running of the production team for Punchdrunk’s new groundbreaking show Viola’s Room.

The technical team will fulfill 3 roles within the production on a rotating basis, full training in all positions will be provided:

Show Control Operator

The Show Control Operator will monitor approximately 50 cameras throughout the experience and will report down to other technicians and the FOH team if an audience member requires assistance. They will also monitor to check that the show is running as required and report any technical issues down to the team for fast response. In the event of an evacuation, the Show Control Operator will be responsible for triggering emergency lighting, and stopping the show.

Headphone Technician

The Headphone Technician will respond to any issues noted from the FOH team surrounding the headphone system, swapping out headphones as required and re-assigning connected phones to the right entry group into the show. The headphone technician will also monitor the signal strength and battery percentage of all devices in the space, and react to technical issues as required. They will also ensure batteries are on charge when not in use and at the end of the day. As the last group enters the experience, the Headphone Technician will assist with the reset.

Technical Responder

The Technical Responder will respond to any technical issues within the experience as reported by the Show Control Operator, ranging from prop resets, repairing faulty technical equipment, and assisting FOH teams with removing customers who need to exit the experience. As the last group enters the experience, the Technical Responder will assist with the reset.