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“As the smoke soars on wings to heaven, so sinks our city.”

In the smouldering promise of the fall of Troy, a mythical world of Gods and mortals rises from the ashes.

As Greece teeters on the brink of victory, the neon backstreets of Downtown Troy give way to a sprawling labyrinth hiding secrets even the prophecies could not foretell.

In this colossal playground, the furies watch on as mortals play out their fate.

And as night falls, the city comes alive.

One last time.


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Creative Team

  • Directors

    Felix Barrett and Maxine Doyle

  • Designers

    Felix Barrett, Livi Vaughan and Beatrice Minns

  • Choreographer

    Maxine Doyle

  • Sound Designer

    Stephen Dobbie

  • Lighting Designer

    F9, Ben Donoghue & Felix Barrett

  • Costume Designer

    David Israel Reynoso

  • Audience Experience Curator

    Colin Nightingale


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