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‘The most fascinating TV experience of the year – maybe of the last 10’

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The BAFTA-nominated theatrical broadcast is available to stream now. Across 12 hours and in one continuous take, observe the secretive rituals of a remote British island as Sam (Jude Law) faces a series of trials to become its new ‘Father’.

Winner of the RTS Award for best Live Event in 2021 and the DQ Daily award for Drama Craft at the C21 International Drama awards 2020.

Part of The Third Day, three stand-alone but interconnected stories from Sky Studios in collaboration with HBO, Plan B, writer Dennis Kelly and Punchdrunk.

Originally broadcast as-live on Saturday 3 October 2020, 9:30am to 9:30pm on Sky Arts.


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The Telegraph ★★★★★

‘A remarkable feat of live theatre and television’
The Guardian

‘There was nothing else like it on TV, or off, this year’

  • Parade of Osea Island residents wearing ritualistic headresses. They are walking through knee length grass and the sky is a dusty gray


Created by Felix Barrett and Dennis Kelly
Directed by Felix Barrett and Marc Munden
Written by Felix Barrett, Kath Duggan and Emily Mytton with additional material by Dennis Kelly
Director of Photography Ole Bratt Birkeland BSC
Composition and Sound Design Stephen Dobbie
Produced by Gareth Collins and Sarah Goodfellow
Co-Producer Suzanne Reid
Casting Director Shaheen Baig
Executive Producers Felix Barrett and Dennis Kelly
Executive Producers Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner
Associate Directors Katy Balfour, Matthew Blake, Kath Duggan, Elgiva Field, Hector Harkness and Emily Mytton
First Assistant Director Daniel Smith
Second Assistant Director Josh Northover
Choreographer Maxine Doyle
Creative Producer Colin Nightingale
Creative Development Stephanie Allen
Music Supervisor Toby Young

Design Director Livi Vaughan · Designers Hebe George and Kat Heath · Design Creation Jess Banting · Design Coordinator Becky-Dee Trevenen

Costume Designer Mydd Pharo · Head of Costume and Associate Costume Designer Catherine Kodicek ·
Costume Design Development Kate Rigby

Production Manager Aniela Zaba · Assistant Production Manager Alex Mahoney · Assistant Producer Sophia Porter · Creative Coordinator / DSM Hetti Curtis · Company Manager Natalie Scott · Company Coordinator Joe Thorpe · Unit Production Manager Jamie Lee Aird · Unit Production Coordinator Aaron Hillier

Series Producer Adrian Sturges · Series Production Designer Beck Rainford · Series Costume Designer Annie Symons · Composer (Summer) Christobal Tapia de Veer · Series Sound Designer Niv Adiri

Post Production Supervisor Bejhan Kalantar · Post Production Coordinator Max McDuff · Post Production Assistant Stina Sims · Consultant Editor Simon Smith · Post Facility Producer Lauren Andrew · Colourist Aidan Farrell · Online Editor Barney Jordan · Re-Recording Mixer Jules Woods · VFX Supervisor Ivor Middleton



Jude Law · Katherine Waterston · Florence Welch
Joe Blakemore · Anna Calder-Marshall · John Dagleish
Paul Kaye · Tom Lawrence · Mark Lewis-Jones
George Potts · Ria Zmitrowicz



Jordan Ajadi · Leona Allen · Kate Ashcroft · Jacob Avery · Kemi Awoderu · Cree Barnett-Williams · Elizabeth Bartram · William Best · Samuel Booth · Jo Bowis · Gemma Brockis · Adam Burton · Hetty Burton · River Carmal · Daisy Cauty · Iona Champain · Anja Cilia · Ferghas Clavey · Lin Clifton · Laura Cox · Fionn Cox-Davies · Sarah Dowling Greg Draven Tomislav English · Anna Finkel · Christian From · Mick Fryer-Kelsey · Fred Gehrig · Alistair Goldsmith · Omar Gordon · Fania Grigoriou · Molly Harris · Carl Harrison · Danielle Henry · Chloe Hook · George Jaques · Mia Jerome · Susan Kempster · Merelina Kendall · Hayley Konadu · Miranda Letten · Elliot Liburd · Sidney Livingston · Milton Lopes · Theo TJ Lowe · Francis Maston · Kathryn McGarr · Robert McNeil · Silvia Mercuriali · Luke Murphy · Al Nedjari · Stephanie Nightingale · Paul O’Shea · Peter Oakes · Matt Odell · Joseph Payne · Joseph Quartson · Imogen Reid · Chris Rochester · Anwar Russell · Vinicius Salles · Rakhee Sharma · Ira Mandela Siobhan · Sonnyboy Skelton · Linden Walcott-Burton · Ed Warner · Daniel Woolridge · David Wright · Justin Raff Wright · Xanthe Heyes-Mytton · Billy Beau Stubbs · Kyoto Cauty Warner · Cecily Hargreaves Wright



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