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Punchdrunk China will present ground-breaking new experiences and formats created by Punchdrunk International for Chinese audiences.

Punchdrunk China将为中国观众带来由Punchdrunk International创作的一系列充满开拓性的体验和形式。

Punchdrunk has always pushed theatrical boundaries and its award-winning work has set the standard for innovation. Following on from the unprecedented success of Sleep No More, Shanghai, Punchdrunk China will work with key partners, including SMG Live, to explore opportunities and present work for a new generation.

Punchdrunk不断在突破戏剧的界限,它的作品获奖累累,为创新奠定了标准。Punchdrunk China为续写上海版《不眠之夜》所达到的空前成就,将与上海文广演艺集团等中国的合作伙伴,一起探索更多可能性,为新一代观众带来全新作品。

All the world’s a stage, but modern China is at the centre. And Punchdrunk is its biggest player.

– Samuel Fishwick, Evening Standard
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