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Developing new ways to experience sound, unlocking personalised experiences and augmenting real-world spaces.

The Audience of the Future Demonstrator Programme is a collaboration between UK creative industry specialists, working to discover the next innovation in immersive performance.

Both Punchdrunk and Punchdrunk Enrichment have been collaborating with technologists and creatives on three key areas:


Environmental Sound Design

Developing new ways to experience sound in a three-dimensional environment. Supported by EM Acoustics.

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Audience Tracking

Using technology to unlock personalised experiences for large audiences.

Standalone Effect Control

Building an affordable, standalone system that can augment real-world spaces with theatrical effects including sound and lighting.


The programme is funded within the Audience of the Future programme by UK Research and Innovation through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

Led by the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), the consortium includes Punchdrunk and Punchdrunk Enrichment, De Montfort University, Epic Games, i2 Media Research Limited, Intel, Magic Leap, Manchester International Festival, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Nesta, Phi Centre, Philharmonia Orchestra, University of Portsmouth and The Space.

The Programme was due to finish in 2020 but due to the disruption caused by Covid-19 has been extended until the end of 2021.

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Creative Team

  • Felix Barrett

    Artistic Director

  • Peter Higgin

    Director of Enrichment & Punchdrunk Village

  • Roz Coleman


  • Alex Rowse and Stephen Makin


  • Andy Reader

    Production Manager

  • Joel Scott

    Creative Lead (Phase 2)

  • Rory Muldoon

    Game and Graphic Design (Phase 2)

  • Kat Heath

    Design (Phase 2)

  • Soph Porter

    Associate Producer (Phase 2)

  • Ian Moore

    Production Manager (Phase 2)

  • Dominic Baker

    Network & Deputy Production Manager (Phase 2)

  • Tristan Grant

    Machines Design (Phase 2)

  • Alex Neirdert

    Production Accountant


Environmental Sound Composition

  • Featuring specially created recordings of Béla Bartók’s Bluebeard’s Castle by the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by André de Ridder
  • Supported by EM Acoustics
  • Stephen Dobbie

    Co-Sound Designer
  • Salvador Garza

    Co-Sound Designer
  • Colin Nightingale

    Creative Producer
  • Viktor Palfi

    Head of Sound
  • Sarah Readman

    Head of Lighting & Lighting Design
  • Andy Reader & Sarah Readman

    Production Managers
  • Amy Pitt


Effect Control

  • Michele Panegrossi

    Creative Technologist
  • Martelle Hunt

    Design Associate
  • Freya Barlow

    Design Associate
  • Ben Hosford and Sam Clear

    Production Managers

Tracking Audiences

  • Elgiva Field

    Creative Lead
  • Michelle McMahon

    Creative Associate
  • Steph Singer

    Creative Associate
  • Maïto Jobbé Duval

  • Tim Burrell-Saward

    Creative Technical Lead
  • Henry Cooke

    Creative Technologist
  • Michele Panegrossi

    Creative Technologist

Thanks to…

  • Lauren Van Zyl, Rafe Aldridge, Sarah Ellis, Julia Walters, Shoreditch Town Hall, Sam Clear, Stephen Makin, Gareth Collins, Elgiva Field, Jess Banting, Sarah Goodfellow and all teams at Punchdrunk and Punchdrunk International.


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